Top 10 Special Forces in the World

Special Forces specialize in counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, and sabotage and have the honor of being the most elite among the forces. They undergo extremely rigorous training for years sometimes, before they are ready and when they are done with the training, they can be easily classified as among the toughest and most competent men in the military. Today, we take a look at the best Special Forces from around the world.

No.10 Spetsnaz

Spetsnaz is a general term for “special forces” in Russian. They are the equivalent of US Green Berets and instead of undergoing regular training like the other special forces around the world, the Spetsnaz endure pain through punishment daily throughout their training.
The Spetsnaz injure each other, breaking ribs, fingers and vertebrae to heal later on, only to get punished even further. They claim that pain can’t be avoided, so they are taught to enjoy it.

No.9 French Naval Commandos

The French Naval Commandos consists of approximately 500 members. They are called the bérets verts, meaning Green Berets. Having one the toughest training in the world, the Naval commandos were formed during World War II.
The Naval Commandos consist of 6 units: Hubert, Trepel, de Montfort, de Penfentenyo, Jaubert, and Kieffer. Each unit is trained for specific tasks such as sea combat, exfiltration, canine units, or long range fire support.


With its primary missions being special reconnaissance, direct action, and internal defense within foreign nations, MARSOC is a component command of the US Special Operations Command  or SOCOM.
Their training comprises of 4 phases: Phase 1 is SERE training, survival, evasion, resistance, escape; Phase 2 is marksmanship, amphibious demolitions, and reconnaissance; Phase 3 adds field radioes and satellite data-uplink systems to phase 2 training and Phase 4 is “irregular warfare” instruction and it consists primarily of the Derna Bridge operation, which forces the recruits to use all skills acquired during the course.

No.7 MI-6

Responsible for supplying the British Government with foreign intelligence, MI-6 is a mass media-popularized name for the Secret Intelligence Service. It is also referred to colloquially within the Civil Service as Box 850.
MI-6 deploys its agents all over the world to detect threats to its country and possibly neutralize them before they really become a threat.

No.6 US Army Rangers

The recruits of the 75th ranger regiment are elite members of the United States Army who have served in recognized U.S. Army Ranger units or have graduated from the U.S. Army’s Ranger School.
After basic Army training, enrollment in the 75th Ranger Regiment will train the recruit for the HALO parachute jump, SERE, languages, elite combatives expert, mountain warfare, combat diving, in addition to all the weapons qualification training in a nine week course after which they still have to select one other field to master.

No.5 Egyptian Seal team

Unit 777 , also known as Task Force 777, is an Egyptian military counter-terrorism and special operations unit created in 1977 by the government of Anwar Sadat in response to concerns of increased terrorist activity following the expulsion of Soviet military advisors from the country by Sadat and his efforts to achieve peace with Israel.

No.4 US Army Green Berets

The United States Army Special Forces is known as the Green Berets. The Green Berets are trained for 6 primary tasks: unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism. Their official motto is De Oppresso Liber which means To Liberate the Oppressed.

No.3 The Delta Force

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta or the Delta Force is Unites States’ official unit dedicated to hostage rescues, counter-insurgency, and general counter-terrorism. Most of its recruits come from the United States Army Special Forces and the 75th Ranger Regiment and undergo strenuous physical fitness test before being selected.

No.2 Navy SEALs

The United States Navy Sea, Air and Land Teams are known as Navy SEALs. Currently, all members of the Navy SEALs are males. Their training lasts for more than a year and they are the most competent warfare combatants of the US Army.

No.1 British SAS

The Special Air Service is a special forces regiment of the British Army which has been modeled on by almost all national commando units that exist today with every nation in the world. The SAS was exposed to the public after successfully assaulting the Iranian Embassy and rescuing hostages during the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege.

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  1. :-t the seals are the best for me hope to someday be like them

    1. GAYYYYYYYYY SAS all the way

    2. xD Keep dreaming. You won't be better than the SAS if you keep getting trained by them. Americans xD

    3. S.A.S are militarily ranked number one fighting force in the world

    4. By the way SEALs are the SEALs are the best on the planet. They SAS is considered the best because they pioneered special forces even though American had the the frrst SEA based special forces SEALs (known as UDTS in WW2) and they are also the forst special forces that can do SEA, AIR, LAND operations. The SAS have had operators held captive left and right in the past 10 years. Not 1 SEAL has been captured. Also SEAL training is 2 odd years longer than that of the SAS also Andy Mcnab is a liar ;) an ex SAS himself busts him.

      SEALs are the best ;) good day gentlemen.

  2. you forgot the ranked one special forces team for kills to deaths and regarded as the best special forces unit in the world. so top secret that not even the government know who its members are, the Australian SASR have a kill to death ratio of 1 death to every 700 enemy deaths. the australian SASR are the only special forces that the Taliban will not provoke because they fear them. more SASR members have been awarded the Victorian cross then any other Commonwealth team. US army seal member wrote after training with the SASR "they put us to shame we couldn't keep up with there training and half of our team bailed out of the first stages of there training" the SASR have had the reputation ever since ww2 when romel (desert fox) came up against the rats of tabrook (SASR & NZ army team) he said "if i was going to take hell i would take the Australians to take it and the new zealanders to hold it" the SASR then proved themselves again in the battle of long tan when they were outnumbered and took on a whole vietkong army loosing only 6 men and killing/wounding over 2000 vietkong.

    6% of soldiers that try out for the SASR make it and 3% of soldiers that try out die during the tryouts because of exhaustion.

    the SASR also has the #1 rank for successful missions complete with a ratio of 1 fail to every 500 complete. that is why they are my no1

  3. LOL! Where is Special services group? SSG Commandos?

  4. British SAS is without a doubt the premier special forces unit in the world thats why all other special forces try to mimic their standards.

    1. and is why all special forces in the word are trained by the s.a.s

  5. lebanese Hizbulluh special forces are #1 in the world why? in the 2006 war between Israel and hizbulluh:
    hizbulluh had 5000-10000 fighters while Israel moved 40000 soldiers. hizbulluh lost 250 fighters while Israel lost between 121 to 2300 soldiers and also lost 186 tanks destroyed. Israel outnumbered hizbulluh by 5.33 to 1 in army numbers and at least 10 to 1 in fire power technology with its artillery, tanks, air force UAVs reconnaissance planes and navy ships while hizbulluh had infantry force and anti tank Russian missile cornet. after taking the military balance between both armies and the casualties and losses on both sides at the minimum levels, we reach to a conclusion that hizbulluh elite force is the greatest #1 in the world 21st century. in addition in 1997 16 soldiers in Shayetet 13 Israeli navy seals were under an ambush by hizbulluh fighters, 13 Israeli soldiers were killed while hizbulluh didn't lose any fighter the rest 3 Israeli soldiers were evacuated by Israeli air force.

    1. They are fucking terrorists!!!!

    2. This is the funniest have ever read XD
      I won't even begin to say how stupid you sound when you say "121 to 2300" when it's exactly 121-2 kidnapped, while hizbollah lost between 500-700 men according to the UN report.
      Tanks destroyed: 5.
      Israels forces at the end (rose gradually) of the war: Less than 10000...not 40000 you moron, while hizbollah had 8000.
      You also forgot that Lebanon's army also faught thus war, not hizbollah alone...

      Check your facts before you support a terrorists group, who loses time after time, but keeps saying otherwise to it's followers, even tho the world says else...

  6. I suggest to read somethibg about G R O M

  7. Its the special forces you dont hear about. JTF 2 Canada. yes the SAS are hard as fuck but the yanks have a special forces for everything. getting ice cream. getting coffee. driving a car etc. a country only needs one leading edge no eighty. the Canadian P.P.C.L.I divsion kick the shit out of the American Marine core in cross training manovers. just because you have the toys and spend crazy amounts of money on your armed forces mean shit! its the guys that are cross trained and can do everying anytime no just one job like the yanks where you guys just do one fucking job your whole career in the service.

    1. Special forces are not used in conventional warfare, but only on special missions

    2. agree, i think the advantage in US special forces is tecnology, not training (they are good not saying otherwise, but from good to top is a huge diference...

  8. JTF 2 overlooked again, you guys doing these pages do your research.The Canadian special forces JTF2 is right up there with the US and UK sfs.

  9. World can't deny SSG Pakistan as one of these. I think SSG is fairly better than British SAS.. Don't think just accept.. :p

  10. Cih are you kidding? where is KOPASUS(Komando Pasukan Khusus) from Indonesia?

  11. When usa special forces were training fighting with indonesia special force.indonesia special force made usa special force just like BOY SCOUTS

  12. SEALs are NAVY not ARMY! Goodness gracious, you'd think they would get that right at least!

  13. Heey if you know about the 777 is 5th special ops team in the world ok but you know nothing about the 999 they are the most powerful men in the world they can eat humans and they did it once the egyptian sp-op team (999) is the most powerful

  14. You guys are all wrong the south african Recces and Koevoets are the best rank hands down Chuck Norris lost a fist fight to a Recce just saying

  15. GROM is in top 3 in the world ...

  16. And my dads mates brother can do em all with one hand tied behind his back! Cos hes dead hard he is!

  17. I noticed mi6 up there on the list, what about mossad they would be quite frightening to have on your case!!

    1. yep, have to include mossad and assad, but possibly they didnt because they focus more on espionage then as intervention forces (only "secret sercices" agency i seen here is MI-6 dont see why).

  18. What about french foriegn legion?

    1. agreed french legionaires should be on the top 10 list, unless they changed THAT much on the past 10years or so... wich i find hard to believe.

      i find it bit odd that 5 out of this supposed top 10 list is american forces... sounds like advertizement or that it been written by an american, really....

  19. I served in theSAS , then took up a 7 year secondment with U.S NAVY SEALS TEAM 10. It's really hard to separate now im with SRR SPECIAL RECON REGIMENT. Let me just say we've put 4 man teams where no others could. SRR#1

  20. what about Israeli special forces? Why are they not there?

  21. what are you talking about? Just beacuse use to jerkoffing you little piece of meet thinking on their gunes inside of your asshole you think that know everything 'bout 'em. SEALS. next believe on yours own argument and that are corrects and the onlyone.

    i don't no everyone can kwow something real about SEALS exept a SEAL.(only if you have seen AMERICAN SNIPER).

    UNEA UN34 UNEA UNEA SLP TEQUIS que passa amigo

    si señor alv mejico

  22. In my opinion all special forces are good, non is superior than the other. Its easy for non combat personnel and civilians to rate them and comment as if they have been on a couple of ops themselves.


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